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We exist to help you get through the ups and downs of running a creative lifestyle business, whether you’re a one-man band or a team. Founded by Karolina Barnes, creative director and chief storyteller at brand design agency and business consultancy STUDIO/ESTILA, our mission is to make you the hero of your own business story and build a successful brand. Bringing together new creative talents from the design, interiors, art and fashion worlds, established purpose-driven brands and a wealth of consultants with years of real-life business experience, we give you the knowledge and resources you need when facing challenges throughout your business journey.


Knowing the many potential challenges, setbacks and pitfalls of building a brand from scratch, we are here to help ambitious creative founders grow their unique businesses into successful brands.


Having been in business ourselves for almost three decades, we know how hard it is to start a business and build it into a successful lifestyle brand. When we started ESTILA back in 2015 we realised that independent brands we interviewed for our magazine features needed help beyond the brand exposure we could offer them. We started to give them free advice on all aspects of business, with focus on how to turn a business into a brand that customers love and talk about. And so we set out on a slightly different journey, outside of publishing, and started a collaborative community brimming with expert insights, creative talent, up-to-date industry news and a far-reaching audience that is an invaluable tool for all ambitious, creative brands.




We believe that whatever stage of the business lifecycle your business is in, it needs to keep focusing on these three core activities. Because growth is achieved by more customers knowing about your brand, whether new or old. And collaborations help businesses at any stage too. As they say – to run a successful business it’s about what and who you know. 

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is absolutely critical to success of any business. While initial brand awareness will give that first, necessary push into the market, growing and retaining market positioning and share is very hard to achieve without customers knowing about you. Brand awareness is about being at the fore of customers minds when they are ready to make a purchase. It’s an ongoing activity at the heart of marketing and PR strategies.

Progress & Growth

Brand growth can mean many things and can be achieved in multiple ways. From increasing your market share (getting more customers) to developing new products and / or extending your reach by entering new markets, modern businesses need to keep moving forward at whatever the stage they are at. Stagnation, cashflow, losing touch with customers or irrelevance can threaten the existence of any business.

Network & Collaborations

Your network is your net worth, as they say. The quality of contacts and connections you make in business and your industry is much more important than quantity. Our community is founded on bringing such quality connections together, for collaborative opportunities – big or small. We like to keep moving, keep exploring ideas of how independent lifestyle brands, designers, artists and creatives can work together and create memorable experiences for their customer bases. Always staying relevant, with unexpected surprises.



Our community is built on two pillars of success – knowledge and contacts. In business it’s about what and who you know. Most opportunities lie with the connections we make and the experiences and knowledge we share. So by bringing together new creative talents, established businesses and a wealth of consultants with years of real-life experience, The ESTILA Circle Club strives to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to face any challenge throughout the lifecycle of your business.



We are a brand design agency and business consultancy that focuses on helping lifestyle, design and purpose driven brands with their storytelling and experiential strategies for growth. From small independents to high street brands, our STUDIO creates customer driven brand identities, stories and unique campaigns that increase brand awareness, visibility and customer loyalty.

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